La Motocyclette 3

On a well-deserved warm day In May 2014 I met Lynda Lucas in-person. Having corresponded with her via email in the months previous regarding my photographic submissions to the second issue of her female motorcyclist art zine, La Motocyclette, developed with a creative parter under the name C C O O L L, it was a pleasure to finally put a face to the email address. I learned she had just moved to New York from San Francisco and was now taking on La Moto by herself.

After becoming aware of La Moto when my friend and fellow rider, Kristi, had been featured in the first issue I knew I wanted to be any big or small part in subsequent issues. The design was immaculate and a welcomed respite from the bikini-clad models and pink and purple graphics typically associated with women having anything to do with motorcycles. This publication was honest, gritty, beautiful, and finally relatable 

Now that La Motocyclette has just enjoyed the successful release of its third issue and I'm listed on the back cover as a staff photographer, which feels funny but I'll take it, much more of the world (yes, world) is aware - and itching to contribute much like I did back in 2013.

Here are a few of my images that La Moto has used digitally and in print:  

Hong Kong and VSCO

These are a few iPhone shots I gathered around Hong Kong.  

I'm here retouching for Goat Rodeo Productions and it's delightful.

I used the VSCO app for these images which is also delightful.


Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

Austin Ave, Kowloon 

Austin Ave, Kowloon 

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Hong Kong Museum of Art

For his night at the mic

Darkness shines in the images I made this week with David Driver (staring David Driver).

This is my favorite.  

He  performs November 20th at The Slipper Room in NYC.  


This is a fresh redesign. 

That is a big banana. 

The North Sea from Oostende, Belgium.  2011.